Customer success in Slack.


Channeled is a unified, organized inbox for all the channels you share with customers on Slack.
Take action and control across support and success in one place, without relying on memory.

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Slack is full of signal – and noise.

Customer engagement goes through the roof in Slack, making it hard to organize, prioritize, and stay ahead of what customers need.

Lack of clarity

Customer success and support teams rely on memory to recall which threads need follow-up or which channels need engagement.

Reactive prioritization

Teams hop between individual Slack channels to determine what to do instead of knowing which actions are most important to take.

Disconnected activity

Teams lack context connecting relevant tasks, dependencies, or previous follow-ups, leading to duplicate work, misalignment, or miscommunication.

Customer success, purpose built for Slack.

Give your team superpowers to manage customers proactively and strategically across shared Slack channels.

Respond to every channel, without being in every channel

Organize and take action on threads from your customer channels in a connected inbox, directly in Slack. Add internal notes, create follow-ups, tag messages, and more.

What happens in Slack, shouldn't get siloed in Slack

Avoid misalignment between Slack conversations and the rest of your team. View and update context from your broader sales or support CRM alongside Slack conversations and replies.

Know what matters, without relying on memory

See key conversations, tasks that need follow-up, and accounts that need engagement in one place.

Engage the right customers at the right time

Quickly identify which customers have asked for upcoming features or expressed interest in a specific topic. Make it easy to close the loop with them with messages that can be broadcast to multiple channels or individuals on-demand.

Get better at each step, across support & success

Get 360° analytics for customer engagement and health indicators from Slack. Make informed choices on customer happiness, prioritization, and strategy.

Smart, strategic customer engagement

Message the right channels, at the right time with a clear picture of what customers have asked for and what has been communicated to them previously.

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Pre-built connections across your customer stack

Sales & success

View and update data from your CRM to bridge context pre-sales and post-sales context.

Product & engineering

Create and manage tasks for product and engineering without losing context from Slack threads.

Support at scale

Integrate support metrics from Slack with existing reporting from your support tools.


Customer success for Slack, simplified.

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