Close the loop on follow-up customer tasks from Slack without jumping back and forth in Asana.

Channeled's Asana integration allows Customer Success teams to create follow-up tasks for their Product and Engineering counterparts in Asana without leaving Slack. Asana updates are then synced bi-directionally from Asana to Channeled – meaning no lost time jumping to Asana to check on progress of an existing task – and faster ability to close-the-loop with customers.


Enabling the integration

Connect your Asana Workspace

Use /channeled-integrations to see the integrations available in Channeled, and select Asana. Then, select the Asana Workspace you want to integrate with.

Creating a task in Asana from Channeled

  • Select Add a task from the Organize thread shortcut in Slack
  • In the Create a thread modal, select Create in Asana

Viewing a task in Asana from Channeled

  • Tasks created from related customer threads show up side-by-side with them in the inbox
  • Click View tasks next to your thread to double-click and view tasks in more detail

Completing a task in Asana from Channeled

By default, marking a task complete in Asana will mark it completed in Channeled. If you're in Channeled, you can also complete Asana tasks without leaving Slack.

  • Click View tasks next to the relevant thread to see them in detail
  • Click Mark complete next the specific task to mark it complete.