The tactical guide for automating sales handoffs (Salesforce edition)

01 Jan 2030

You know the importance of strong handoffs – and chances are you've already experienced how difficult this can be to do consistently. In this guide, we're going to build an automated handoff process that starts in Salesforce but scales to Slack.

Materials you'll need

  • Salesforce admin account
  • Handoff questions for your team

Transition 2: Implementation to support

  • Define milestones and communicate a shared plan for implementation success, and make sure your customers agree to this shared success plan. There are many ways to communicate this (currently we use a combination of a shared Slack channel and a shared Notion doc with our own customers.) Before implementation is considered successful, set expectations about how – if at all – the communication over email or Slack will change, and potentially what expanded resources will be available to customers.

Use Channeled to integrate your helpdesk with Slack for post-sales support

Once you’ve finished implementation, it doesn’t makes sense for every member of your support team to join onboarded Slack channels – even with the best intentions, team members quickly feel pulled in many different directions, and even more so if they have additional customers to support through in-app support or email.

Channeled’s integration with Zendesk enables your team to support customer requests from Zendesk’s unified helpdesk while giving your customers the same frictionless experience in Slack.

  • When the integration is turned on, customer messages from Slack instantly create tickets in Zendesk and sync responses from Zendesk to Slack and back.
  • You can even customize which customers and cohorts the integration is turned on for, enabling your support team to work out of Zendesk and only receive tickets from customers in Slack after the defined implementation period.

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